International Bachelor/Master Programme

German-taught Bachelor programmes

Please note that some of the programme websites listed below are available in German only.

All departments feature Courses in English. Exchange students can visit courses from all departments irrespective of their chosen degree programme.

Technical Writing and Technical Communication (Bachelor) [accredited]

Applied Geodesy and Geoinformatics (Bachelor) [accredited]
Our Earth is flat? Not quite! To find out, how natural or man-made phenomena related to the Earth may be surveyed, portrayed, or planned at different scales, you need to study Applied Geodesy and Geoinformatics.
Maps today are three-dimensional, interactive and multimedia-based. Students in this programme transfer the longstanding tradition of cartography into the future.

Double degree programmes

Study at two universities
MUAS offers students at some of our partner universities the opportunity to get a double degree.

Dual Study Programme

Maximised practice!
The Dual Study Programme consists of several practical blocks at a company and study phases at MUAS. Advanced knowledge of German is required.