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Munich is a very popular city in Germany. Finding accommodation in Munich is difficult but not impossible. The majority of students here rely on private accommodation. Options include flat-sharing (approx. 400-600 € per month), private run residence halls (approx. 400-600€ per month) or a single-apartment (500-800 € per month). Universities in Germany do not own residence halls and do not provide students with rooms, but give assistance in searching for accommodation.

Below and on the right (in our brochure) you can find more information about finding a place to live in Munich.

Please start the search for your accommodation early: Finding an apartment or room in Munich from abroad can be a difficult task, particularly when it involves the private real estate market. If possible, try to arrive in Munich a few weeks before the semester starts. Keep in mind, that during Oktoberfest-times (End of September) hostels, hotels etc are very crowded or not affordable.

Munich University of Applied Sciences does not operate an on-Campus residence hall.

Lottery for Service-package-rooms (Studentenwerk)

Most public residence halls in Munich are operated by the student union (Studentenwerk München). The student union provides exchange students at MUAS with a limited number of so called service-package-rooms for international exchange students. A service-package-room is a basic room with simple furniture, shared kitchen and shared bathroom (mixed gender). Please keep in mind, that there can be up to 8 students sharing an apartment.

Given the limited availability of student residence hall rooms, only about 30% - 50% of incoming exchange students receive a room in one of the student union’s residence halls.

Therefore, a lottery will take place among all our exchange students who have applied for a service-package-room. Please note that service-package-rooms are assigned exceptionally by the International Offices of the universities.

How can I apply for the lottery, for one of the limited rooms ("Servicepaket") provided by the Studentenwerk (student union)?

  • The application for the lottery is done directly in the online application form for an exchange at MUAS. In order to apply for such a room, please click "yes" in the corresponding field in the online application form for exchange students.

Can I apply directly with the Studentenwerk?

  • No. You cannot apply for any residence hall operated by the Studentenwerk directly. You can only apply in the online application form from Munich University of Applied Sciences.

When will I receive information whether my application has been successful or not?

  • The International Office will inform you in January (for summer-semester) or June/July (winter-semester), whether you have won a room or not.

How can I find accommodation if I have not won a room in a residence hall?

  • You can find helpful information regarding accommodation in Munich in our brochure. Please start your search early!
  • Studentenwerk München is offering a housing referral service for private rooms

In case you have any further questions, please do not contact Studentenwerk München but the .

By participating in the lottery for a Service-Package-room you accept the following conditions:
The lease contract is fixed for 6 months and cannot be terminated before the end of the rental period.
Lease is effective in winter semester: 01.09.-28.02.
Lease is effective in summer semester: 01.03.-30.08.
Note: It is not possible to extend the rental agreement with the Studentenwerk, even if you are staying at MUAS for two semesters. If you stay for two semesters, you need to search an accommodation for the second semester on your own.
You need to pay a monthly rental fee, irrespectively of whether you actually need the room for a full month or not (e.g. if you arrive or depart in the middle of the month). You will have to pay a two-month deposit when moving into your room. This deposit will be refunded within 2-3 months once your lease terminates, provided you have left the room in good condition.
You are obliged to move into your residence hall room within one week after the lease is effective.
4-6 weeks after the deadline the International Office will inform you if you will receive a room in a residence hall or not. We will then forward your contact details to the Studentenwerk. The Service-package-rooms are assigned exceptionally by the International Offices of the universities. Therefore, in case you have any questions, please do not contact the Studentenwerk but the .
4-8 weeks after the deadline you will receive an e-mail with an official room offer from the Studentenwerk (please check your e-mails and your spam folder regularly). Please sign the "Acceptance of Accommodation" and send it to the Studentenwerk to confirm the offer. If you do not reply until the deadline, the Studentenwerk assumes that you are not interested in the room, and the offer is no longer valid. Your room will then be assigned to another student from our waiting list. Please inform the International Office as soon as possible, if you do not want to take the room. Please note that by signing the "Acceptance of Accommodation" document you are obliged to pay the first month's rent regardless of whether you move in or not.
In case you cannot be reached due to wrong contact data, the room will be assigned to another student.
All rooms are single rooms, but you might have to share a bathroom and a kitchen with other students (of mixed gender).
Since rooms by the student union can only be given to students under the age of 30, those students aged 30 or older unfortunately cannot participate in our room lottery.
We are unable to take into account any incomplete or late application, as well as students nominated in addition to the yearly quota set by the existing bilateral agreement.
If you want to swap rooms with one of your fellow students, each of you must pay a fee of 100 EUR and inform the Studentenwerk.
You and your housemates are responsible for keeping the bathrooms and the kitchen clean.
Travelling from a student residence hall to the different campuses of MUAS can take up to 45 minutes. This is quite normal for Munich.

Finding Accommodation Yourself

If you decide to search for a room on the private accommodation market or you were not successful in getting a service-package-room in a student residence hall (see below), we have designed a brochure that will give you some useful information on accommodation search in Munich.

Beware of false advertisements and rip-offs!
Almost every year our exchange students fall for false advertisements. In the past we have had several students paying several hundred euros in advance for non-existing room-offers and the number is growing every semester. To prevent this from happening to you, watch out for the following signs:

• The room offer is written in English only

•The person offering the room is only available via email. Full contact details, such as the person’s full name, telephone number or address are not provided

• The room/apartment is too cheap for Munich (average prices: single-room 350-550€, two-room apartments 700-900€)

• The landlord asks you to send money via Western Union or similar money transfer companies before your arrival/ or before you have seen the apartment. Please do NOT transfer money in advance (for rent, security deposit etc.)

• The landlord does not ask for personal information

• Pictures of the apartment look like they are taken from a catalogue or brochure.


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