Course List Summer Semester 2017

This course list is subject to change and will be regularly updated. Occasionally, some information is not available yet, but will be published soon. You may want to contact the lecturer for more specific information.
Please note that some courses are limited to a certain number of participants and that course times can overlap. In order to participate in the courses you should have a sound knowledge of English (at least B2 level). It is in the lecturer's sole discretion to bar you from the course, should you not meet the prerequisites.

Course Categories

In order to help students with their course selection,our courses in English are classified as follows (please note that regardless of this classification, the requirements listed in the course description have to be met):

“green” courses: are open to all (exchange) students from all departments; requirements according to the respective course description apply

“yellow” courses: are open to all (exchange) students, but students from the “home” department will be given priority; requirements according to the respective course description apply

“red” courses: are only open to (exchange) students from the “home” department; requirements according to the respective course description apply

Department 01

CourseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditscategory
Advanced Architectural Design Studios (MA)* various teachers4+41510red

Department 02

CourseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditscategory
Special Geotechnical WorksSlominski454green
Finite Elements for PlatesHausser454green

Department 03

CourseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditscategory
Dynamics for EngineersWolfsteiner454green
Control Systems for Automotive and Aerospace EngineeringSiebold, Owen 664green
Aircraft SubsystemsKnoll222green
Flight MechanicsSiebold45
Fatigue and FractureRother464green
Automotive Development and TestingMintzlaff443green
Vehicle DynamicsPfeffer454green
Space Flight DynamicsSiebold464green
Composite Materials, Mechanics and ConstructionHoroschenkoff454green
Fluid mechanics for Mechanical EngineersSchiebener454green

Department 04

courseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditscategory
Analog Electronics & Integrated CircuitsMalone454green
Digital Signal ProcessingRapp454red
Microcomputer (Arduino Course)Benson454green
Simulation Practice with Matlab/SimulinkIrber454green

Department 05

Plant EngineeringHerz454green
Marketing (MA)*Wölflick232red
Organic and Printed ElectronicsSchmidt232yellow
Project I Print and media technologyLawler 364red
Digital Photography and Image Capture (MA)*Lawler 464yellow
Advanced Digital Typography Lawler 364yellow
Digital ColourBueschgens232yellow
Fundametals of Air Conditioning SystemsRenner222green
Abastecimiento Energético I **Pietsch243green
Advanced Fluid MechanicsLiepsch354green
Fluid MechanicsLiepsch454green
ThermodynamicsPérez Ponce454green
Indoor air quality assessment and controlRodrigues222yellow

Department 06

Multibody Dynamics (MA)* Wiedemann454green
Modelling and Testing of Products and Processes*EermeBlock course64yellow
Tool Design and Manufacture*FarrugiaBlock course64yellow
Design of Integrated CircuitsMenczigar, Fischer464green
Quality Management and Applied StatisticsHoller,
Imaging Optical DesignNikolaus,

Department 07

Technical WritingBalazs454green
Operating Systems IIHaungs454green
Game DesignHaungs454green
Operating Systems IVogt454green
Network ManagementSoceanu454green
Software Engineering SeminarHaungs464green
Computer ArchitectureLupo454green

Department 08

Remote Sensing CartographyKammerer454green

Department 09

Department 10

Department 11

Social Work in Theory and PracticePötter254green
Integration as challenge for social work in EuropePötter354green

Department 12

CourseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditscategory
Biomimicry and Natural design processesBurnet643yellow

Department 13

Department 14

D = department = Fakultät

SWS = Semesterwochenstunden (2SWS = 1,5 h; 1SWS = 45 Minuten)

US Credits: The US credit points mentioned above are calculated as follows: ECTS points divided by 1.5 (and then rounded up). This calculation is meant to serve as a rough guide only and is not applicable to all US university systems.

tba. = to be announced (noch nicht festgelegt)

* Master students only

** This course is held in Spanish and does not count for the CiE certificate.

*** This course is identical to the course Interkulturelles Training II (Y551/Y552) of our regular BA Tourism Management programme.

**** This course is identical to the course Tourismusökonomie II (Z521) of our regular BA Tourism Management programme.

*****Master students preferred, Bachelor students with advanced academic interest in the subject and high level of English are also accepted

****** Bachelor students only

°° This course does not count for the CiE certificate.